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Story: A Surprising First Time

by tallguy - A naive guy lets a girl convince him to have a threesome with her old boyfriend. After she tricks him to dress up in her wedding dress and undies, she leaves him alone with the boyfrind and his kinky desires.
Rating: XXX , Series: No , Complete: Yes
Bondage | Breast Forms / False Vagina | Bride / Wedding Dress | Homo-Sexuality | Male Dominant | Sex Toys | Very High Heels

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I had only been going out with her a few weeks, and I really hadn’t even slept with her. But one night she promised me a good time, and we made plans for an over-nighter together at her place the next weekend.

I was excited at the prospect until I arrived to find that I was expected to shower, shave completely, and wear her old wedding dress and white lacey underwear. She told me she really liked it when guys shaved and dressed up for her – that it made her go wild in bed. So, what the hell, I figured.

She helped me into the shower, and pulled on my cock a little as she helped me shave off ALL my hair, just the last of what I had on my head was left. Then I got dressed in the white lace garter and panty, bra and nylons. Then I pulled the tight wedding dress over my head and squeezed into it.

As the bottom of the dress fell onto the floor, I realized we were nowhere near the same size so she must have bought this one just for me. How weird. Looking in the mirror, I forced the rubber C-cup fillers into the bra, filling the bust of the dress perfectly.

"Here's the wig I wore on my honeymoon, sweetie," she said as she handed me a long curly blonde shoulder length wig. She pulled it over my head and positioned it in place. "Now for the finishing touches," she said as she gave me a pair of white six-inch spike heels, also, somehow in my size, nine and a half. The straps are the kind that wrap all around, and up your calf, just under the knee. They also had little buckles with tiny keyed locks on them. I didn't notice that until she had them on me, and buckled and locked in place.

"OK, stand up and walk around," she said. As I tried to wobble on the heels, she took a bunch of pictures of me with her cell phone and sent them somewhere. "There's no way I can walk anywhere in there things," I said. "That’s what I was counting on," she said. "Sit down and we'll wait for my old boyfriend. He's on his way. He likes a guy dressed up like this, too! We'll have a great, hot and sexy threesome! OK!?"

"OK? Not OK!" I responded.

"But I'll do all sorts of fun and nasty things for you, honey! Pleeeeeeese!?” she said. Well, what was I going to do at that point? I sat and waited. When Bill arrived, the two of them walked into the bedroom and made rude remarks about me and my outfit. I was ready to go, but I couldn't get up and walk. I tried to unbuckle the heels but they were really tight and strong straps. While I was fumbling around with the shoes, she slipped in behind me and snapped a handcuff on one of my wrists.

Then Bill grabbed the other wrist and pulled both my hands up over my head hanging the cuffs over the top of the bedpost and locking them there. "Oh Shit!" I said... or tried to say. Bill put his hand over my mouth and said, “Be a good little bride, and keep quiet.”

"Here you go," she said, and handed him a leather strap with a four or five inch extra fat black rubber cock hanging from it. It was as big around as my mouth could take wide open. He pushed it in and buckled the strap around my head. The length put the head just in front of the back of my throat. It filled my whole mouth up! I gasped and gagged on it for a moment, then it got more comfortable and I just looked at the two of them with my wide eyed, helpless, gagged face.

"It fits just right, just like all the other stuff I bought for you," he said. "Now suck on it, bitch, let me see you suck." I tried to suck on the big cock but it was not really very easy to do. He watched me as I tried, and said to keep practicing. What did he mean; he bought this stuff for me? Why was I practicing sucking a big rubber cock? Oh Shit! Not that! Just then my so-called girlfriend said goodbye, and left! When the front door closed, Bill got up and went out and locked it, then locked the bedroom door behind him when he came back in!

Kneeling between my legs, he slipped his hand under my dress and up across my nylons, pulling at the sexy garter straps and feeling my soft shaved legs. He caressed my silky panties and rubbed my cock through them. His other hand pulled open the front of the wedding dress, and exposed the pretty lace bra, bulging from the tight fitting rubber falsies in it.

He felt me up like a drunk schoolgirl, squeezing and fondling the bra like the breasts were real. "You are so pretty, like a young new virgin bride. Does this feel good?" he said as he handled my growing cock. "All shaved and silky under there, do you like how it feels?" He could tell my cock was getting bigger and harder as he stroked the silk panty. "You like being fitted in these tight silky clothes, and being held captive here for me, don't you?"

All I could do was nod, or shake my head no, or try to mumble something through the big, fat rubber gag, but I just sat there, staring into his eyes as he stroked my cock and spoke softly to me. I got hard, and hot, and began to think that I might cum. My hard-on was bulging into the tight silk panties and his hand was gripping and pumping it, faster and faster. The silky panty wrapped all around it.

His breath was on my face, his tongue touched my cheek, and tickled my ear. He kissed and licked my lips as he stroked and fondled me. I groaned into the gag as my cum wetted the panties and his hand. I jerked back a little but couldn’t really move away. He took his hand off the bra and quickly unbuckled the gag strap. It popped out, and fell into my lap. My mouth was still wide open as he forced his tongue deep into my mouth as I came again. His hand gripped the back of my head, and he kissed my deeply as I came all over the panties, the dress, and his hand.

There I was, hanging from the bedpost, sitting in a wet spot of my own cum, wearing a virgin white wedding dress, kissing a perfect stranger, a guy no less. He was getting hard himself, and pulling down his shorts I gasped at the size of his huge penis. He was hung and getting bigger by the minute! He knelt in front of me again and reached up under my dress and pulled off the wet cum dripping panties. He rolled them up and said "Open wide, slut. These are for your cock sucking slut mouth." Before I could say no, he pushed the wet silky ball in to my mouth. "Get used to this taste, baby" Oh – the cum drenched the inside of my mouth, tasting like a wet sock.

He immediately stood up and straddled me and put the growing cock between my tits, humped my chest, squeezed the breast form around it and slid up and down on me. All I could do was look down at the head as it popped up between the breasts and poked me in the chin on each stroke. "Yea, baby, it's party time!"

I was trying to spit the panty out of my mouth so that I could breathe a little better. When I finally did, he pushed his huge cock in my wet mouth and slid it all the way down into my tight throat. I gagged on it but it was too late. He exploded in my throat and mouth. I gasped for air, only to choke and swallow the huge load of cum filling up my mouth. Most of it spilled out and drooled out over my chin onto my bra and chest, leaving wet drippings all over the pretty dress and underwear.

I tried to back away and catch a breath, but he held my head firmly with both hands and kept sliding in and out and shooting in more warm cum with each stroke. "Take it, baby, take it all." Trying to breathe and handle the mouthful of goo, I choked a little out my nose, and he withdrew to give me a short break. I swallowed hard and took a deep breath, looking right at his huge cock head staring back at my face. He grabbed his cock and pulled at it causing a long wet shot of cum to splash over my face, dripping down my cheeks and chin to the lace bra below.

"Now clean it all up, bitch," he said. He spread his legs and pushed his balls up into my mouth, dripping from the face fuck fest. "Lick it all clean for me, baby." I began to lick and suck and lap up the drippings until he slid his big cock back in to my mouth to finish off the cleaning. I licked the shaft clean and he was done.

He then said, “Now be here again next Friday. OK? You’ve still got a lot to learn.”

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