Sonntag, 24. März 2013

Story: First Time Maid Training

by: panty guy


My name is Mike and I'm a 28 year old happily married guy. Or at least I
was. It all started about 4 months ago. I had been off work with a cold for
a few days and had been spending more time than usual on the net to pass
the time. Of course, I had checked out a couple of porn sites and in my
travels had come across some TV and forced femme stuff. It got me thinking
and a little horny. I started to masturbate when I thought I might try
something a little different. I had seen some of my wife, Sue's, panties in
the laundry.  I'm not sure why, but I retrieved them. I didn't put them on
or anything. I just started to jack off with them around my cock. It felt
so good. Soon I was in a steady rhythm getting closer and closer. I tried
to hold back, but couldn't and experienced one of the best orgasms of my
life, right into my wife's panties in front of the computer.

That was when I heard the door of the study shut and turned to see my wife
standing there just staring at me.  It took her a little while, but then
she took it all in. She was very angry, not so much upset but just cross
with me. What could I do? I just stood there and took her abuse, as my cock
grew limp. She called me all shorts of things, like gay, closet queen, a
panty boy and worse. She said that she needed some time to think about
things, and that I should take a shower to clean up and meet her in the
kitchen in 30 minutes.

I put her panties back in the laundry and went to take the shower. Under
the shower, I thought about Sue. She was 28 as well and we had been married
for 3 years. She was a striking looking woman with a high sex drive and we
had many very horny sessions together. It was great. Sex was on the menu
with Sue at least 3 or 4 times a week. She was a very tall blond with
curves in all the right places and she knew how to use them. I thought I
would just explain to her that I wasn't gay or a cross dresser, but that I
had just mucked around out of boredom. She would understand. I was sure.

I got dressed into my usual jeans and t-shirt ensemble and went down to the
kitchen. Sue was there with a frown on her face. When I tried to speak, she
told me to be quiet. I protested and she yelled at me to shut up. I thought
that I should let her speak her mind, given the circumstances that I was
discovered in. She informed me that she had made a few decisions while I
was in the shower. She suggested that, although she didn't have any
evidence of what I was doing when she came in, she could certainly make my
life difficult if she let it be known what she had found me doing and
watching on the net. Even if I denied it, there would be enough suspicion
and doubt that I would never live it down. We worked for the same major
corporate, though in different divisions, and she said it would be easy for
her to plant a few rumors that I would find hard to deny to my
colleagues. I was mortified. This was not the normal fun loving Sue that I
had married. This was a woman with a purpose.

Sue told me that there would be a few minor changes around the place from
now on. I would have to do more around the house. I already did the lawn
and garden, but she wanted me to help more with the housework on so on.

With some dread, I asked her what else she was proposing. "You've been a
naughty boy and need to be reminded of what you did. So from now on, you
will wear a pair of my panties under your work clothes each morning. This
should remind you of what a bad boy you were." I began to protest, but was
told again to shut up and get on with it. "I'll leave your panties outside
the spare room. You'll be sleeping in there for a while." My heart sunk.
This clearly meant no more sex for now. Like Sue I was a very horny guy.
This was devastating news, but what could I do? Hopefully things would get
back to normal in a few days when she had cooled off.

I went to bed in the spare room as agreed. Although I had jerked off that
afternoon, I thought about giving myself a hand job. Strangely though, I
just wasn't in the mood.

When I woke up the next morning, it all came back to me as I realized that
Sue wasn't beside me and I was in the spare room. I got up and went to take
a piss and have a shower. I then took a look in the hallway. When I opened
the door, I noticed the paper on top of a pair of panties. It was a note
from Sue saying that she had to go in early and that I was to make sure I
wore the panties, as she would check when I got home from work. They were a
black satin pair with lace around the legs and waist. Given different
circumstances, I would have found them very sexy...on Sue.

I had a shower and a shave and went back into the bedroom to dress. I
picked up the panties off the bed and stood naked in front of the mirror. I
pulled them on over my legs and up to my crutch. I had to admit they were
very comfortable, maybe a little tight around the ass but they certainly
supported my cock and balls and the material felt quite nice. I knew that I
would have to be careful going to the toilet at the office and decided I
would use a stall and not the urinal. Although still not completely over
the cold, I was well enough to work and had a lot to catch up on.

The day was uneventful enough. I had been very careful driving in. I
couldn't afford to have an accident and have my suit pants removed to
reveal what I had on under them. In fact, I almost forgot what I was
wearing except for when I had to go and take a piss. I kept thinking that
my colleagues knew what I had on, but of course they had no idea and my
secret remained just that.

I went home a little early, as I didn't want to over do it on the first day
back. I thought I might have gotten back before Sue. I hadn't spoken to her
all day, which was strange.  She usually called me to have a chat but
hadn't today. I was wrong. I hadn't beaten her home. She was waiting in the
hallway as I opened the door, "Nice day at work dear?" I said it had been
ok. "Drop your pants now panty boy," was all she said. I did as I was told
and she smiled when she saw the black lacy panties on me. "What a good boy
you are. I'll have to find another pair for you tomorrow. We don't want you
wearing soiled panties, even though you seem to like to masturbate into
them." Again I tried to protest but was silenced. We had a fairly cool
dinner with only a little small talk.  Afterwards, Sue said she was tired
and was going to have an early night. She told me that I could do the
dishes and clean the kitchen. In the past, I had never done this sort of
stuff. However, this was obviously just part of my punishment, so I
reluctantly complied.

I was a little tired myself, so I went to the spare room when I had cleaned
up. As I often do, I found myself very horny and knew I would have to jack
off. I stripped off and got into bed, lay on my back and spread my
legs. Just as I was getting going, I thought of the panties. Why not? I
jumped out of bed, picked them up, got back in and started humping my
hand. So much better this time! In no time at all, I was cumming all over
the place and cleaning it up with my new panties. I then had a terrible
thought. What if Sue found out when she did the laundry? She might inspect
my panties just to make sure. Oh well! Too late now! I slept better that
night and I had a few dreams with me in panties as the central character.

When I got up in the morning, I again found a note and a pair of panties at
my door. I needn't have worried about cumming in my panties. Sue's note
told me to put the laundry on as part of my expanded duties. With the note
was a lovely pair of white lace panties, more in the thong style today. I
got dressed, had breakfast and put the laundry on before leaving for work.

This routine went on for the next couple of days - panties outside my door,
a note with more housework, a panty check when I got home and a cool
reception. There was no sex except for my hand, which I wasn't enjoying all
that much after being used to Sue's mouth or pussy almost whenever I wanted

When I arose on Friday morning, there was a note as usual. This one said
that I had been a good boy all week and that she had a surprise for me this
evening. I immediately thought she was relenting and I would sleep in our
bed tonight. My groin started to stir. Again, there were the panties. This
time they were a lovely pink pair with ruffles and lots of white lace. They
were by far the sexiest pair I had worn all week.

The day crawled by as I waited to get home and get into bed with Sue. I was
horny all day, but resisted the temptation to jack off in the toilets, as I
wanted to save myself for that evening.

When I got home, we had the panty check at the door. Sue said to go
upstairs and change into something more casual and comfortable, but to make
sure I kept my panties on. I went on up to my room and put on my good jeans
and a polo.  As I was changing, I couldn't help but glance in the mirror at
my panties. I had to admit that they were very pretty and sexy.

I came back down to the kitchen and Sue told me she had asked Jane and Tom
over for drinks and dinner in. I asked why, thinking this was to be my
night. "Just thought you might enjoy some company and a few laughs with
your buddy Tom. Can you fix up some drinks for us all? " I started to fix
up the drinks. Jane was an old school friend of Sue's and was another
striking woman. Tom was her husband of about 2 years. Tom was my age, tall,
well built and very fit. He used to ice skate competitively, and he and I
now played softball to try and keep fit. I liked both their company and had
had a few beers and some laughs with Tom on many occasions. I was kind of
looking forward to catching up, but I still wanted very much to bed Sue
later in the night.

As I was opening the champagne and pouring some beers, the doorbell went
and I could make out Tom and Jane's voices in the lounge room.

I brought in the tray of drinks and we all toasted old friends, although I
had only known Tom for about three years. I was enjoying their company and
a little small talk when Sue announced, "Mike has something he'd like to
show you guys." I looked at Sue, puzzled. What did she mean? "You know. Our
little secret. The present that I left for you this morning outside the
door." I was horrified. She meant my new pink panties. I protested that
there was nothing to show and began to go quite red. I could feel my face
burning up. "Don't be silly Mike. You know you wouldn't want any silly
rumors to get started. Besides, Jane and Tom are good friends. I think you
should show them." I knew I was trapped. If Sue asked her, Jane would
certainly help to spread the "rumors" about me. There was nothing for it. I
put my drink down, unbuttoned my jeans and slowly pulled them down to
reveal my pretty panties. My eyes were stuck to the floor. Sue asked me to
turn around in order to show off the back as well. I obeyed her and did a
360 turn for my audience. I eventually got the courage to look at Jane and
Tom. To my surprise, Jane wasn't staring at me in horror as if I was some
kind of freak. Instead, she just had a knowing smile on her face as she
inspected me. Tom, on the other hand, wasn't even looking at me.  He was
just staring at the floor straight in front of him.

"There that wasn't so bad, was it Mike? No secrets amongst friends, is
there?" With that, Jane just said to Tom, "Show Mike your secret darling."
Tom raised his head and looked me straight in the eyes. He undid his pants
and let them drop. I was stunned. Not only was Tom wearing a very sexy pair
of white satin and lace panties, but also a garter belt and white silk
stockings. My mouth just dropped open. "Now take off your top, dear," said
Jane. Tom complied and I immediately saw he was wearing a silky white
camisole with a very lacy white bra underneath it. The cups of the bra hung
empty, so I hadn't noticed it under his clothes. Without having to be
asked, he turned around and I could see two very straight seems up the back
of Tom's stockings. "Show us underneath," Jane implored Tom. Tom pulled
down his panties to reveal his cock encased in a long curved plastic tube
with a small slit at the end, and fastened around the base of his shaft and
balls.  Tom was very well endowed and even in its flaccid state his cock
was around 5 or 6 inches long and quite thick. You can't but help notice
these things in the guy's change room after softball. So here it was,
obviously encased in its chastity device. I had never seen one, but that
was all it could be.

"It seems like you boys have a lot in common," said Sue with a smile on her
face now. I couldn't think of anything to say. I just stood there with my
jeans around my knees and my panties for all to see. Thank God I didn't
have a hard on. My cock was quite soft so I didn't have to be embarrassed
about that at least.

"I've bought you some more presents dear," Sue informed me, "They're up in
your room. Take Tom up there with you. He will no doubt be able to help you
with them. Go on you two. Tom will explain everything to you. Jane and I
will be up in a few minutes to inspect how you are doing." At this stage, I
thought it best to just get up to my room as I'd been told. At least it was
better than standing exposed to everyone. I went to go upstairs and Tom
followed, picking up a bag he had obviously brought in with him.

When we got to my room, I just sat on the bed with my head in my hands. Tom
sat beside me and asked what had happened between Sue and me. I said that a
week or so ago she had caught me with some porn on the net and that I was
wanking into her soiled panties. I didn't see that I could be any more
embarrassed than I already was. I told him how she had threatened me, made
me sleep in the spare room, made me wear panties every day, and withdrawn
all sexual favors.

"What about you?" I asked, looking at Tom's panties and bra. I just
couldn't believe what I was seeing. This was Tom, the good looking jock,
over 6 feet of him, mostly muscle, sitting next to me in panties, bra,
stockings and camisole. "Much the same as you," he said, "Jane came home
unexpectedly one Saturday afternoon and caught me with some computer
porn. Only problem is that I was WEARING her panties and bra as I
masturbated to the porn. I'm still not sure why I did it. Just seemed like
the thing to do at the time." "I know what you mean," I said, "By the way,
what was the porn?" "Some chicks with dicks, TV's, panty boys, and forced
feminization. I just came across it by accident and sort of liked it," he
admitted. "So what happened next?" I asked. "Jane had been quick enough to
get a digital picture of me dressed like that and doing what I was
doing. She must have been watching for a while. She said that she would
post it on the net and email it to my work if I didn't do exactly as she
wanted.  I was caught. My whole life and career were on the line, so I

Tom continued, "From then on, she started what she called her feminization
program. That was about 4 months ago. You can see the result. I don't have
to dress like this all the time, but she makes me wear panties to work and
on the weekends just like you. I have to be her maid or sometimes her
girlfriend about 2 or 3 times a week, either after work or on the weekend.
It's not too bad really. Sometimes I quite like it. Like Sue, she withdrew
all sex from our relationship. But she sometimes let me cum when I'm
dressed or she milks me." "What do you mean, 'milk you'?" I asked. Tom told
me that was a story for another time. "Jane said to me that you would need
some help tonight and she expected me to really help you through this. I
thought it must have been something to do with work or something around the
house, but now I know what she meant." What do you mean?" I said. "Take a
look on the bed," Tom said. On the bed was a large white box with a pink
bow on it. I hadn't noticed it in my hurry to get into the sanctuary of the

I opened up the box. I couldn't believe it. Inside was a pair of lacy black
panties, seemed long silk stockings, and a black silk and lace corset with
a lacy bra built in and suspenders on the bottom. It was the old fashioned
kind with very stiff material in it and laces at the back and eyelets at
the front. I continued removing the contents from the box. Next came a
frilly, short and full petticoat, a black silk dress with lace ruffles on
the sleeves, neck and hem, a white lacey apron, a lace white chocker, white
satin gloves, a white little sort of lace hat and finally a pair of black
patent pumps with 5" heels and ankle straps.

I just stood there with my mouth gaping, not sure what to do or say. Tom
helped me, "So she wants you as a maid as well. That's a classic French
maid's uniform you've just laid out on the bed. I have one very
similar. Mine's pink not black, but otherwise identical."

"So what do I do now?" "Well," Tom said, "You can either tell Sue to go to
hell and face whatever consequences she can bring down on you, or you can
accept the situation and begin to be her maid, at least for tonight. If you
choose the latter, I will help you all I can." I was so grateful for Tom's
support, and I knew I didn't really have any choice, so I just said, "Let's
go down the maid path, shall we?" "I think that's the best decision you can
make. Now let's get started. The first thing you'll need to do is have a
bath and shave off all of your body hair.  You'll also need to shave your
pubic area as well. It needs to be completely hairless from now on." I
didn't have much hair anyway, so I ran a bath, put some bubble bath in it
that I found, had a good soak and commenced my shaving. I did my legs,
under arms, chest and then my balls and pubic area.  This was tricky and
took the longest, but eventually the job was completed.  I don't have any
back hair so that was no problem. I got out and thought I had also better
shave my face as it had half a day's growth on it. I changed to a new blade
and gave myself a very close shave to remove any trace of a beard. I went
out to show Tom with a towel around my waist, although I don't know why I
was embarrassed. He inspected me, and pulled off the towel to check my legs
and cock & balls. "Very good," he pronounced, "Now for the clothes."

I had no trouble with the panties. I had gotten used to that by now, and
must admit that they felt good next to my shaved body. I wasn't sure about
the stockings. Tom helped me out here and showed me how to roll them up on
my hand and put them on slowly, unrolling them up my leg. Tom made me turn
around while he straightened my seams at the back. His hands felt good on
my silky legs. As he moved up my thighs, I could feel myself stirring down
there. It was nice, but I was a little confused. Tom then picked up the
black corset and put my arms through the shoulder straps. He came around to
the front and slowly did up each of the many eyehooks running up the front
seem. I enjoyed the feel of his strong hands, and when he brushed one of my
nipples, I felt the stirring in my groin again. He told me to turn around
and to stand up very straight. I could feel him pulling on the corset
laces. It got tighter and tighter. He told me to breath in as much as I
could and he continued to lace it up. It wasn't painful, and I could still
breath, but I wouldn't have wanted it any tighter. He turned me around, put
both hands into the empty bra cups of the corset, and lifted my chest up
and out. His hands felt so good on my chest but I wasn't sure why.  I'm not
gay and have never wanted to be with a guy, but somehow Tom dressing me
like this was exciting. When I looked down, I could see that the corset and
Tom's rearrangement had given me a small bust and cleavage. I looked at it
in amazement. "We'll have to help that out," he said. With that, he
produced two silicon breast forms. He put a substance on the back of them
and then carefully placed and positioned each one in my bra. He explained
that he had used some glue to not only keep them in place, but also to pull
a little on my chest as real breasts do. Finally, he put the lace choker
around my neck and pinned the maid's hat on my head. Sue had not provided
any wig.

He told me to have a look in the full length mirror. I couldn't believe
what I saw - shapely long legs, rounded hips, a slender waist and at least
size C breasts. I was knocked out. Tom told me to relax while he got into
his lingerie. He was much quicker. He removed his garter belt and bra, and
put on a similar corset. The only difference was the color - his was
white. He quickly did it up at the front as if he was well practiced, which
I suppose he was, and asked me to help him with the lacing up. I pulled and
pulled almost as hard as I could and still he wanted it tighter. Eventually
he told me to tie it off. Tom quickly put on his choker and lace cap and
turned to me, "Well, what do you think?" I just stood there. Here was my
jock friend with beautiful stockinged legs, round hips and a tinny little
waist with beautiful breasts, thanks not only to his silicon falsies but
also all his gym work on his pecs.

Just then, the door flew open and Sue and Jane entered arm in arm. "What
have we here? Our two little maids look like they're progressing very
well. I suggest you inspect yours," Sue said to Jane. Sue came over to me
and said, "Well you look like you're enjoying this. I thought you would."
She pointed to my pantied groin. I looked down and - to my surprise and
embarrassment - I saw the tent that my cock was making in my panties. I
tried to protest, but it was too late. The evidence was there. "I hope you
two haven't been doing anything you shouldn't now," Jane commented
sarcastically. "Go and help Tom out of his device Mike. I think he deserves
a little freedom tonight," Jane commanded me and handed me a small key. I
went over to Tom and he pulled his panties down for me. I had never touched
another guy's cock, even through plastic, so my hands were shaking. I
eventually managed to unlock the small padlock and gently removed the
device from my friend's groin. Now that it was removed from its artificial
cage, Tom's flaccid cock grew another inch. I gave the device back to
Jane. "You two hurry up and finish getting ready. Then come down to the
kitchen as quick as you can. We can't keep serving ourselves drinks all
night," said Sue, and they left us.

"Don't feel bad about the erection," Tom consoled me, "You're just a little
excited by it all. You've had to take in a lot this evening. Let's go and
do our makeup, shall we?" Tom had brought a small make up bag with him and
Sue had obviously left a new one just for me on the vanity bench. Tom said
he would show me how to do my make up and take over when I needed him
to. Under his instruction, I applied some foundation cream over all my face
and a little on my neck. Then I finished it off with a light coat of face
powder to take the shine away. Next came the eyes. First, some pale blue
eye shadow, then some mascara. I was amazed at how much better my eyes
looked with a little color and some long shiny black lashes. They were much
sexier than I had thought. Tom then applied some blush to my checks and
finally gave me a deep red lipstick to apply. I went a little over board
with it. I loved the look and especially the feel and taste of it. I found
it made me so horny. Tom had to gently clean up where I had been overly
enthusiastic and then used a lip pencil to just outline my lips. I looked
at myself in the mirror and couldn't believe the transformation. Here was
quite a sexy young girl looking back at me. The only exception was my
hair. Mine was a little long but not overly. Tom had tried to make it look
more femme, but without the length it was still a sort of manly face
looking back at me.

Tom expertly applied his make up - I was surprised at his obvious skill -
and then led us back into the bedroom where he again helped me finish
getting dressed. First, there was the frilly white petticoat, then the
black maid's dress and the lacy white apron. He then handed me the white
satin gloves with little ruffles at the cuffs, and finally my maid's little
cap. We had not painted either our toe or finger nails as we were to wear
closed toe pumps and gloves. Tom helped me into my heels and told me to
walk around a bit. I didn't find it as hard as I might have thought. I
wasn't steady on my feet, but I could at least walk reasonably well in
them. He put his on, in pink to match his uniform, and walked around with
obvious ease. I envied him. He said the heels would improve the look of our
calves and tended to make you lift your chest a little so our breasts would
look perkier. I did sort of feel my chest was sticking out a little more
than it had without the heels.

We made our way downstairs to meet the girls in the kitchen. The stairs
were a little difficult, but I made it without any embarrassing falls.

"Oh my goodness!  Don't they look just darling?" Jane said we entered the
kitchen. "But Tom, haven't you forgotten something?" "Yes Mistress Jane."
With that, Tom curtseyed to Jane. I couldn't believe it. Big John was
curtseying to his wife Jane. "And what about you Mike?" said Sue. I said,
"You've got to be kidding!" With that, she jumped across the kitchen and
slapped me across the face. "Now I expect you to be more respectful to your
Mistress, Mike, or those rumors will have to start. I'm sure Jane will back
them up." "Yes Mistress Sue," I said as I attempted a curtsey of my
own. "Good girl," was the response.

The girls explained to us that they had not provided any wigs, even though
Tom usually wore one with Jane. They wanted us to be reminded that we were
men dressed and acting like little sissy maids. They wanted us to know that
we were worthless "panty boys" to be used as they saw fit. Jane said that
Tom's femme maid name was Tammy. Sue told me that, from now on, my femme
name was to be Mandy - maid Mandy. I was instructed to make some dinner
with what Sue had brought home, which included some steaks and salad
items. 'Easy enough', I thought. Tom was to serve our wives more drinks. He
knew where the liquor was from past visits.

I picked up the steaks and started to go outside to the BBQ. I stopped in
my tracks. How could I go outside dressed as I was, even if it was in my
own back yard? I didn't have much choice though. I only knew how to operate
the BBQ, certainly not the stove or oven. I hesitantly ventured into the
back yard.  Fortunately, it was quite secluded from our neighbors. I
quickly started the steaks, then returned to the kitchen to prepare a salad
of sorts and set the dinning room table. As I passed the living room, I
noticed Tom was pouring the girls some more drinks. I thought that he
looked really nice in his uniform as he looked after the girls. I finished
setting the table, then got the four beautifully cooked steaks for us
all. I put them and the salad on the dinning table and went in to announce
that dinner was ready. "Try again, you panty slut, or you'll get another
slap across the face," was all that Sue could say. I immediately realized
my mistake and curtseyed to her and said, "Mistress Sue, dinner is ready if
you are," and curtseyed again to her.

"That's better. We are ready to eat. Tammy, you may bring us some more
wine." I followed them into the dinning room and, as they sat down, went to
do the same. Jane shouted at me, "Surely you don't think you are going to
eat with us panty boy Mandy! You may serve us and then you can eat in the
kitchen with the other panty boy maid. Is that clear?" "Yes mistress," was
all that I could manage. They chose the steaks they wanted and I served
them both whilst Tom topped up their glasses. They certainly were drinking
a lot tonight.

I removed the places I had set for Tom and I, and took them to the
kitchen. We sat down and had our meal. I was very quiet, still trying to
process everything. Tom sensed this and put his hand on my shoulder. He
told me not to worry too much, just to go with the flow and see where the
evening took us. "I'll always be around for you. Remember that." I felt
much better and not quite so much alone.

"Tammy, Mandy get here now!" we heard the girls call from the dinning
room. We got up very quickly to see what we needed to do. "Clean up these
plates, do the washing up and then you had better join us in the living
room. In the mean time, Tammy, bring us some more wine."

We did as we were told. When Tom had finished serving the wine, he joined
me in the kitchen to help with the dishes. As we stood there washing and
drying, I felt very close to Tom. I suppose what we had gone through this
night would bring any two guys closer.

We finished and went into the living room. We stood in front of our
respective mistresses and curtseyed in unison. Our mistresses seemed to
like this a lot. Jane spoke first. "Tammy, I think I might need you to
service me now that we have eaten. I'm feeling a little horny and in need
of relief. I think you had better take up the position now." I wasn't sure
what was going on. Tom just said, "Yes Mistress," and knelt in front of
Jane. He began to roll her skirt up and rub her panties. He looked so cute
in that pink dress on his knees.  He pulled Jane's panties down a little
and started to finger her. He then put them back and went down on her,
sucking her pussy through her lace panties. With this, Jane spread her legs
some more and put her head back with a smile beginning to show on her
face. I watched - a little stunned.  Here was my friend, licking his wife's
pussy on my living room couch.

Sue and I had had oral sex on many occasions. I loved her sucking me off,
but was only lukewarm to going down on her.

"Well Mandy. What should a good maid be doing for her mistress? Look at how
Tammy is looking after Jane. I think you had better pick up your act or
those rumors might start up, eh Jane?" "Yes, they just might Sue."

What was I to do? "Yes Mistress Sue" I knelt down in front of her next to
Tom who was still caressing Jane's pussy with his tongue. I lifted her
skirt and began rubbing her pussy. It was already very wet, more wet than I
could ever remember it. She groaned as I touched her pussy. I pulled her
panties down and began to lick her juices. I started on the outside
first. There was plenty of it to lick up. Then I moved my tongue and lips
to the lips of her pussy and then right inside it.  I licked and sucked all
of the juices I could get out of her. As I said, I have never been too keen
on giving oral to a girl, but I was sort of getting into the swing of
things. She grabbed my head and held it to her wide open pussy, moaning
more and more all the time. I grabbed her backside and drew her into my
face, so my tongue could go that little bit deeper into her. I snuck a
glance up at Sue and was very surprised to see that she had a hand on one
of Jane's breasts. Jane's breasts were out of her bra and Sue was French
kissing her with all her might. This was a side of Sue I didn't know about,
but it didn't disgust me as I thought it might. It sort of turned me on a
little more. I buried my face deep in her and kept working hard with my
tongue. I heard Jane say, "More! More!" and then let out a huge moan. She
had obviously just come over Tom's face. Suddenly Sue pulled me in tighter
to her and her hips started to buck. Her moans got louder and louder, then
suddenly she screamed and nearly smothered me as she pumped her love juices
all over my face. She gently pushed my head back and collapsed back on the
couch. "I see what you mean," she said to Jane, "It's fantastic when
they're dressed like that and you know they're your maids, isn't it?" She
was obviously talking about Tom and I.

"Yes it is Sue. But have a look at the girls make up. It's all messed up
from their love making to us, and they've got all this stuff dripping down
their chins. I think they need to redo their make up for us. But first I
think they should taste our juices, don't you?" "Yes Jane. What a wonderful
idea" "But," I said, "We just tasted so much of you." "No," said Jane, "I
want Tammy to taste Sue, and you - Mandy - to taste me. The best way for
that to happen is for you girls to explore each other's mouths. Now be good
girls and French kiss each other so you can swap the love juices that are
still in your mouths and on your lips." We were still kneeling in front of
the girls. Tom turned to me and started to move towards me. I pulled my
head back. "No. Not with another guy!" I protested, "And not with Tom."
"Don't be stupid panty boy. It's that or I'll out you right now to your
workmates for what you are - a worthless sissy panty boy," was Sues
response to my protests. I thought about it for a second, and moved my face
closer to Toms. He opened his mouth and I moved forward and gave him a
little kiss on his lips. This was something I had never done before. I
immediately pulled back. "Not like that," Jane complained, "We want a
proper French kiss. Get your tongues working on each other. Show her
Tammy." Tom drew me closer. He put his hands around my waist and moved his
mouth over mine. I opened mine slightly and I could feel his lips on
mine. Then he put his tongue in my mouth. I couldn't help it. I started to
suck it and put my arms around him to draw him closer. I reciprocated and
put my tongue in his mouth and started to taste both Tom and Jane's
juices. Suddenly there was a flash and the sound of a camera
operating. "What a lovely picture," Jane said, "I'm sure it will look good
on the net if we decide to use it." I couldn't believe what I'd just done -
willingly kissed a guy. Not just any guy, but my good friend who was
dressed up as a sissy maid. I couldn't help it. I started to cry. "Come
come now," said Jane, "It wasn't that bad, was it? You looked like you were
enjoying it in the photo. Tammy, take Mandy up stairs and help her with her
make up and get her composed, then come down to join us as soon as you

Tom led the way up stairs. When we got to my room, he turned me to him,
brushed away the tears on my checks and reassured me that I would be
ok. "You just need to keep Mandy and Mike quite separate. Tomorrow, Mandy
will be gone and you'll be back to Mike. It will be all right. You just
need to get through this evening." I was grateful for his words of
encouragement and composed myself somewhat. "Come on in the bathroom and
I'll fix our make up." I left it to Tom to redo my face. I was sure he
would do a better job. In no time, he had us both looking as good as new -
for a couple of panty boy maids, that is.

We returned to the girls. Again, they insisted on Tom giving them more
wine. I could tell they were getting quite drunk. Maybe some of it was from
the obvious power they had over us. Jane decided that we had been 'good
sissy maids' and that we should be rewarded. "You first Mandy, I think.
Tammy, come and stand in front of Mandy like a good girl," she commanded.
Tom came to face me. "You know the position Tammy. On your knees," was the
next thing I heard. Tom dropped to his knees in front of me with his head
at my crutch height. "Now get on with it Tammy. Don't keep Mandy waiting
for her reward," said Jane. With that, Tom lifted my dress and petticoat
and felt for my cock in my panties. He soon found it and gently took it
out.  Again, I wasn't sure what to do or where to look. I knew that if this
was what the girls wanted, then this was what had to be done. Tom started
to stroke my cock and I had an immediate reaction. I grew stiff almost
immediately. I was surprised by this. No other guy had ever touched me and
I was sure I wasn't gay. Maybe I was really thinking of Tom as Tammy now?

I could feel Tom's, (Tammy's) breath on my cock as his mouth got
closer. His bright red colored lips were almost around my cock. Then he was
sucking it, his head bobbing up and down on my cock. I had never felt
anything like it.  I had had plenty of blow jobs over the years and plenty
from Sue. But this?  This was different. Tom certainly knew what he was
doing. He was obviously very practiced at sucking cocks. He started on my
balls, all nicely shaven for him. The feeling in my groin was fantastic,
like nothing I had experienced before. I was soon telling Tom that I was
going to cum, giving him time to pull way from me and finish me off by
hand. "That's all right Mandy," said Jane, "Just hold it in there a little
longer and you can use Tammy's mouth. She is used to it and it makes a good
receptacle for your juices." Then, suddenly, another flash went off and
another digital picture was taken. This time it was of me being sucked off
by a panty boy. That was it. My body started to twitch and I felt Tom grab
my ass and pull my groin in closer to his mouth. He was sucking so hard now
that it was like a vacuum down there. I gave one final groan and my cock
started to spurt out loads of cum directly into Tom's mouth. I just kept
cumming and cumming. It was the most incredibly intense orgasm I have ever
experienced. Tom couldn't keep up with me and I could see my cum starting
to leak from his red lips down the side of his mouth and chin. After a
final squirt, I slowly with drew my cock, which was now much much
softer. "Good girl," said Sue, "Now Mandy, give Tammy a big kiss on her
lips to thank her for rewarding you so well." I immediately knew what was
going to happen. Tom stood up and I took him closer to me. I opened my
mouth and placed it on his. I explored his mouth with my tongue as he did
mine. All I could taste and feel was my own cum, and there was still quite
a lot on his mouth that he hadn't managed to swallow. I sucked out as much
as I could and then, very gently, licked the last little bit of cum that
had leaked out of his mouth from his checks and chin. It just felt like the
right thing to do.

"Now Tammy, I think it's your turn to enjoy yourself a little if you would
like to," said Sue. Tom looked at Jane who just nodded and
smiled. "Yes. Thank you Mistress Sue," he replied.

Sue handed me two items. One was a pack of condoms. The other was some KY
lube. She told me that she wanted Tom in the condom and all lubed up for
his reward. "You had better get down on your knees and help your friend,
the sissy panty boy, get hard enough to slip that condom on him."

I took the items and knelt down in front of Tom. I was hoping he would be
very hard, but when I lifted his dress and petticoat I saw his soft but
still large cock in his panties. I remember that I thought at the time how
nice his panties were, with lots of lace and satin. I slowly took out Tom's
cock and started to rub it a little. It began to stiffen just a little. I
kept rubbing it and caressing it with my satin gloved hand as it grew a
little harder all the time. "You'll have to do better than that," said
Jane, "We haven't got all night you know." I knew what she wanted me to
do. I could see a little pre cum at the tip of Tom's cock. I think this is
what made me do it. I slowly leaned over and ever so gently licked the pre
cum off his shaft. It immediately stiffened some more. I was in a trance. I
opened my mouth and took Tom's cock in my mouth. I went down on him as far
as I could.  As I said, Tom is very well endowed down below so even with
his cock not completely hard I couldn't reach the base of it with my
lips. I started to work his cock with my tongue, at the same time
increasing my sucking action on it. I didn't really know what I was
doing. I was just trying to replicate Tom's earlier performance on me. It
must have been working, because soon Tom had a raging 8" hard on and the
head of his cock was very purple and engorged with blood.

"That's enough," said Jane, "Just put the condom on and lube her up for
us." I complied and in no time Tom's long hard cock was facing me enclosed
in latex and dripping KY lube.

"Now Mandy, it's time you hopped up on the coffee table. Come on. Quickly
with you." I looked at her stupidly. I didn't understand at all. "Come
on. You can't expect Tammy to have to bend down or kneel to get her reward,
can you? Up there on all fours like a good girl." Then I understood, and I
understood what Tom would be doing. Just another humiliation. At least they
had had the sense to use a condom. I got up on all fours and just waited,
my head hung in shame. Tom came around behind me and gently parted my legs
a little more. Then he pulled down my panties to fully reveal my ass.

"Go on, take you panty friend's pussy. Give it a good working over," said
Jane. With that, I could feel Tom's gloved hands on my buns, slowly parting
them. Then I felt the first pressure of his cock pushing against my
crack. Slowly, I could feel it parting the outer cheeks of my backside and
pushing against my sphincter, there was more resistance here. I tried to
relax as much as possible, but this was all new to me. I wasn't sure what
was supposed to happen. I heard Tom whisper, "Just relax. Let it happen." I
felt better that he was thinking of me. He continued to slowly push into
me. I thought he might split me. I had seen the size of his hard cock. The
pressure continued to build on my sphincter and then suddenly he was
through. He was inside me and going deeper. God, it hurt. This huge thing
was inside me, stretching and filling me. He continued to enter me, then he
stopped and began to withdraw until his knob hit my sphincter. Then he
pushed back in again. This continued for a while. I knew Tom was taking it
easy and giving me time to get accustomed to this new feeling. He kept
working his cock back and forth. Gradually, the pain stopped, and was
replaced with a mild feeling of enjoyment. I couldn't believe it. I was
actually physically enjoying having another guy's cock in my ass.

Just then, Tom went deeper than he had before and he pushed against my
prostrate gland. Fuck. I couldn't believe how good that felt. As he kept
thrusting, I found myself thrusting back against his cock until his balls
were slapping my ass. I wanted to get his cock in deep in me, and get it
working on my prostrate. We went at this for about five minutes. The girls
took several digital photos while Tom was fucking me, showing both of our
faces clearly.

Tom's thrusts got quicker and rougher, and I knew he was about to cum in
me. I smiled as I thought that it was me alone who was pleasuring my
friend. "Stop!" commanded Jane, "I think you can finish off with your hand
at the other end. You know what I mean Tammy." Tom slowly pulled out of me
and came around to stand in front of me. He pulled the condom off his cock
and started to jerk off. He was masturbating in my face and I knew what was
to happen next. His strokes got quicker and shorter, and his breathing got
heavier. Then the first spurt of his cum hit me on the cheek. I knew what I
had to do. I looked up at his cock and opened my mouth.  Almost the entire
next load went straight in my mouth. Just a little missed and was on my
chin. I quickly swallowed it so I could take some more. Tom came and came.
He spurted so much of his cum on me that I thought I might drown in it or
choke on it. Most of it went in my mouth, but there was still a fair
smattering all over my face. When he had squeezed the last drop from his
cock, Tom bent down and gently licked his excess cum off my face. I thought
it was the act of a true friend.

"All right girls, you've both had your fun," said Sue, "Time for you to
clean up here and get ready to go home and to bed. Hurry up and tidy up and
get your nasty boy clothes back on." I gave Tom a hand to remove the
glasses and bottles from the living room, then we went upstairs to change.
We didn't talk as we took off our make up and clothes. We both had a quick
shower each and began to get back into our street clothes. I noticed that
Tom put on the panties, stockings, garter belt, and bra he had been wearing
when he arrived. I thought I had better put my pink panties back on as

We finished dressing, and Tom turned to me and said, "Are you all right
with what just went on down there? I tried to be as gentle as I could.
Remember, you have to separate Mike from Mandy, They're two different
people, ok?" I stood there facing him. Then I put my hands on his hips and
drew him closer to me. "I'm all right," I whispered in his ear. With that,
I took his face in my hands and kissed him deeply. To my relief, he
responded and our mouths were locked together for some time. We then went
down stairs together.

The girls greeted us as Tom and Mike. Tammy and Mandy seemed to have
disappeared for them. Jane said that they needed to get going, but that
there was just one thing left to do.  She handed me the chastity device I
had taken off Tom earlier in the evening. I went over to Tom, as Jane
instructed him to drop his pants for me. I knelt down and gently pulled out
his cock from the panties. I was at ease touching his cock now. I slipped
his penis into the clear plastic. Even soft, it only just fit. Next, I
fitted the back ring behind his balls and around the base of his penis.
Then I simply put the small padlock on. I assumed that Jane had the key.
Finally, I pulled up his panties for him and he did his pants up.

"Now it's your turn," giggled Sue and handed a package to Tom, "Go on
Tom. You know what to do." Tom came over to me, undid my jeans and pulled
them down. He then knelt down in front of me and pulled out my cock. I saw
the device that Tom was preparing to put on me. It was a little different.
It was still a clear plastic material, but it was a different shape and
size. I looked at Sue. "Don't worry Mike. Tom's putting the CB3000 on
you. It's made for a more modest sized man, like you. Tom is wearing the
Curve, which is for someone a little more endowed shall we say."  Tom
placed my penis in the tube and then locked up the ring behind my balls
with another small padlock. The device felt a little strange on me, but not
uncomfortable. He pulled up my panties and then helped do up my jeans.

"Well we better run," said Jane, "It's been a really wonderful evening. We
must do it again soon. Maybe we can explore a few other areas."  "Yes. I'd
like that. And the 'boys' seemed to enjoy themselves." We were at the front
door. As I shook Tom's hand, I looked into his eyes. He just took my hand
warmly and gave me a little smile. Jane gave me a peck on the check, then
kissed Sue. This time, it was on the lips and much more passionately than
you would expect. Their lips and tongues were locked for some time.

When they left, I closed the door and turned to look at Sue. I wasn't sure
what to say. She just said that she was tired after all the activity and
drinking, and was off to bed. She suggested that I do the same, in my own
room. She told me she had brought me a present and it was under my bed.
With that, she said good night and went upstairs. I followed her up, but
only to the spare room, which was apparently to be mine for the foreseeable

Once inside, I stripped off and got ready for bed. Suddenly, I remembered
Sue's present. Sure enough, there was a large flat white box under the bed
with another on top of it. I opened it up and inside was the most beautiful
full length nightie. It was a powder blue color, all silk and satin with
lots of lace trim around the breast area, sleeves and hem. I held it up to
my naked body and felt how smooth it was. I quickly went to put it on. As I
did, I caught a glimpse of me in the mirror. I was still in good shape, but
what I really noticed was the CB3000 that was completely encasing my
cock. There would be no staining my new nightie tonight. That was for
sure. I put it on and luxuriated in the feel of it on me.

I went to bed and tried to make sense of what had happened this evening. I
kept remembering Tom's advice. Keep Mandy separate from Mike. Hopefully, I
would. I started to drift off. I had one hand on my encased penis and
another lightly stroking my breast. Hopefully things would work out in the

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